First, They Outlawed Abortion…

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So there it is. The Supreme Court with its Republican supermajority holds that a half-century of precedent was wrong. You got what you wanted, Religious Right. Go revel. You have protected the Rights of the Unborn.

You fucking hypocrites.

What you have protected is the right of the patriarchy to demand the slut give birth to the little bastard who got knocked up by her uncle. I grew up in Kentucky: I’ve heard “little slut should have kept her knees together.” “She got what’s coming to her.” I’ve heard all the vile hatred of sexually active women wrapped up in the self-righteousness of Christian love. You got what you wanted. My profound hope is that some day it is you, your daughter, your wife, some dear friend on a table in someone’s kitchen. Bleeding out because the untrained practitioner perforated her uterus.

Rights of the unborn my pasty white ass. I grew up among you. I know you. The unborn have no rights as far as you are concerned. If the unborn had rights, you would be insisting that coal mining and oil drilling be stopped. Your unborn grandchildren are going to live in a world we can barely recognize, a world of heat, humidity, devastating storms and flooded coastal cities. You do not care, as long as you can drive your F350 to Walmart and continue to stock up on cheap goods wrapped in plastic and shipped half-way around the world. I have seen you bury pollution rather than clean it up, letting the oil and grease leach into the ground water. You don’t care about the unborn that will have to drink that crap because it created a bit more shareholder value to bury that equipment than to clean it up.

Where are you when the unborn become the born? Last I heard, virgin births were extremely rare. Somewhere in the woman’s sexual history there was a sperm donor, equally responsible for the pregnancy as the woman, if not more so in the case of rape to include sexually abusing children. If you are protecting the rights of the unborn, where is the outcry for laws to hold the sperm donor accountable for the child? I’ve seen that circus, too, a woman desperately trying to get the child support the law grants their children from a deadbeat. She incurs court costs, legal fees fees, lawyer’s bills, inconvenience and the work necessary to provide the courts documentation and the result? Deadbeat quits his job and she hasn’t received child support for over two years. And then, Deadbeat sues her. Where is the outcry against said deadbeat? Oh, the children have been born. Never mind.

What about the unborns’ education? You are demanding that our public schools, schools established to teach the children what we, society, need them to know, become an extension of your Sunday Schools. Let me put this as plainly as I can: Unless you have had graduate level economics classes, you do not know what critical race theory is. The right of the unborn you are protecting is their right not to be exposed to anything that could keep their little lily-white brains from knowing that the world is strictly zero-sum: If someone else gets something, I have to lose.

This is not the only right threatened by the Supremes’ poorly reasoned ruling. There is no guarantee of a right to privacy in the Constitution. Same-sex marriage, contraception, even interracial relations could be next and I put nothing beyond the White Supremacist Mob’s desire to turn the country into a little white Christian nation. Red states will be clamoring for some more red meat for their base soon. My bet would be the rights of transgender youth, already under assault in some areas of Rednecklandia. No more gender-affirming care, no more support, hell, in Florida they can’t even talk with their teachers about their problems. I suppose our good cousins, kissing or not, can’t conceive of transgender kids wanting to use the bathroom of their gender for anything other than to cop a look at girls’ hoo-has based on their own experiences of drilling peepholes into the girls’ locker room.

Or maybe it will be voting rights, which the Supremes have already indicated are optional in states with Conservative majorities. It’s illegal to give people in line to vote water in Georgia. In Texas, my mother in law who has lived there most of her life can’t seem to get a mail-in ballot. The Supremes will give Conservatives Republicans the right to choose who can and can’t vote. They have indicated a willingness to let Republican gerrymanders stand and to overrule Democratic ones. I suppose there’s an argument for any purpose in their legal standard, regardless of how weak, which has nothing to do with precedent and very little to do with the Constitution.

So the crux of the problem is the Supreme Court itself. No longer can it even claim to be a neutral arbiter of the Constitutionality or the law. It has been bought and paid for by a Republican party willing to do anything it can to gain and hold power. Brazenly, the Republicans have stalled Democratic justices and hastened confirmation their own ones to the point where it is no better than Senate Republicans at supporting the Constitution and the interests of Americans. The Supreme Court is an extension of the Republican party at its worst and will remain so for decades. People will die as a result of their Roe v. Wade ruling. Women will bleed out on kitchen tabletops. Newborns will die in garbage dumpsters. Rape children will be born, despised and abused. And the Supremes will enjoy their appointment for life knowing there will never be enough Senators to impeach one of them.

Meanwhile, my adopted home of Colorado is the first state to act to guarantee the rights of women to control their reproductive outcomes. As a result of that guarantee, if I could, I would invest in a “Reproductive Health Spa” in Aspen, that’s where the rich girls will go. Ski for a few days, get rid of it, head home. Daddy/Sugar Daddy/Mommy/I can afford it. Abortion will still be legal, providing the Republicans, not satisfied with their ‘victory’, decide to try to make abortion illegal nationwide. If they do, I hope the first shots of the next revolution are fired at our borders. But while the rich girls get apres-ski abortions, the poor will not have that option. The poor girl’s choices are grim.

Meanwhile, if you are in what Republicans consider an out-group, you should start weighing your options. You don’t think trans- and gay rights aren’t next in line? You think you will be allowed to vote in the next election or your vote will count? You think civil rights are set in stone? Better guess again. An evil Republican party with its Supreme Court tool will be coming for you. As long as they can find a way to torture the Constitution and legal precedent to give the GOPers what they want, they will do so, by a 6–3 decision.

But at least you should still be able to buy a gun, as long as you aren’t in one of their out-groups.




Corporate curmudgeon, Liberal patriot, Old white guy, Homebrewer

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Stephen Stanley

Stephen Stanley

Corporate curmudgeon, Liberal patriot, Old white guy, Homebrewer

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